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Resources for Freelance Artists, Wedding Couples & Photographers during COVID-19

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Resources for Freelance Artists, Wedding Couples & Photographers during COVID-19

*I will be adding to the list below as I find more information. Updated as of 08/05/20.

Hello everyone,

Although I am anxious about what is to come within the next couple of months, I find it comforting that so many reliable websites, artists and friends made the effort to share their advice and feelings online during this time. It is reassuring to see artists supporting each other and giving each other shout-outs on social media. One good thing about social media is that your networking opportunities are infinite, and this is a good time for us to really connect rather than just promote ourselves. The more solidarity within the artist community, the better we will all feel during this time.

I wanted to share some helpful articles pertaining to how the Corona-virus pandemic is affecting creative professionals and couples forced to postpone their wedding celebrations. Couples must now plan how to communicate changes to guests, discuss plans with vendors, and hope that the venue can accomodate them for a future date. Some couples are altering their wedding arrangements altogether, exchanging vows at City Hall. This is a tough time for everyone, and the limitations placed on the public has drastically changed a lot of wedding plans and cleared freelancers' calendars.

For most wedding professionals and photographers, there is very little financial cushion right before wedding season; there are no sick days or accrued vacation time. Wedding studios are calling clients to deliver the bad news that their wedding will have to be canceled, despite our high hopes. Then the studios have to call their photo & video team to deliver more bad news - we are not getting paid, at least not for now. What to do now?

Perfectly put by one article I saw on PhotoShelter: "Freelancers are accustomed to seasonal slowdowns or the occasional cancellation, but the uncertainty around the breadth and duration of this outbreak has resulted in anxiety, frustration, and anger." Despite this wave of frustration and omnious outlook, we have to be patient and plan for the next year as best we can. This is a public health measure that will ultimately benefit all of us and save lives. I am extremely bummed that I will not be able to shoot the events I had booked, but I will try to use this time to write, edit, and do some spring cleaning. How will you use this strange time productively? What will bring you peace right now?

Thank you to all of the experts & authors below. I hope you find the links below helpful:


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