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Kalsey's Baby Shower!

Updated: Mar 18

Chantile organized the perfect baby shower for her daughter, Kalsey. Held at Hendrick's Tavern in Roslyn, NY, this classy celebration had Ralph Lauren Polo Bear themed details. The display included stuffed Polo Bears, plate-ware, cookies, and lollipops; all finished with a fashionable red-&-blue plaid and a forest green backdrop. The decorations were so beautifully done! I am often blown away by the different presentations at family events, but this set has to be one of my favorites. I have my own stuffed Polo Bear at home... his name is Edgar Allan Polo.

The baby shower kicked off with a few fun activities, all conducted within COVID-safety regulations. A group of ladies played a game where they had to guess which baby food they were eating while blindfolded, and there were tiny disposable wooden spoons provided. I never thought my job would require capturing lovely ladies eating carrot and pineapple sauce to win a prize, but it was hilarious. Everyone was being a good sport to make Kalsey smile. Games also included guessing Kalsey's belly size, a quiz on fun facts about Kalsey & Gabe, and the classic - "What's in Your Purse?". Guests won high-end prizes such as a Fendi bag, MAC Cosmetics, and Hermès luxury products. Talk about fabulous!

After a few games and the main course, Kalsey made a beautiful speech to her friends and family, all gathered during difficult times to celebrate the coming of her first child, Greyson. She expressed gratitude for her loved ones, and excitement over having a boy that will grow up to be a great man, just like his father. Smiling with tears in her eyes, she was ready to open some presents!

Along with receiving a mountain of diapers, Kalsey received a beautiful necklace of her son's name, the cutest baby outfits, blankets and even pregnancy tea! I wish the very best for these high school sweethearts and their little prince. I know he will be showered with love.

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