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Honorable Mention for seeingWOMEN 2020 by Photos de Femmes

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I am two weeks into the quarantine and I realize that this may be my reality for a few months. I will not be able to shoot weddings or events until further notice, I am still waiting for my unemployment benefits and stimulus check, and the uncertainty is weighing down on me. I was in a rut, without a doubt, both professionally and artistically.

A friend and photographer sent me the link to submit my work for this photo competition, and I was immediately intrigued. I do not often pay to submit my work to photo contests or exhibits, probably due to my lack of knowledge concerning who is legitimate and who is not. In the case of Photos de Femmes, I was less reluctant, and I appreciated the theme for the contest: "WOMEN".

The first motto I read was, "Women can't be Heard if we can't be Seen." Even though women are being looked at all the time, people rarely care to hear her message; that is a feeling I am very familiar with. I decided to read more...

The organization was very broad and welcoming of all content and methods (photo, collage, mixed techniques etc.). The sole aim was to illustrate a "vision of women", whether it is regarding work, being a mother, sensuality, a political or social statement, cultural significance, or the innocence of girls. They welcomed all representations and did not place any limitations on the subject. I felt this was my opportunity to actually submit my work to a subject that I actually know something about!

As per their website, "Photos de Femmes is committed to positive representations of women. We host exhibits, photo competitions, seminars and photo festivals dedicated to providing the most diverse and powerful images of women.  We select the best contemporary images of women in every genre of photography by every gender of photographer." The Call for 2020 Entries is below:

I was initially going to submit these two images of Faith in the "Wild" category, because of the fierce boxer theme of the portrait. However, the Juror suggested I submit this image to another category - "Grace". I was flattered and happy that another artist saw these portraits of my friend Faith, and saw nothing but grace - in her pose, her stare, and her willingness to stand her ground. It made a lot of sense to me, and I really appreciated the judges taking the time to place images in a category they felt were a better fit, as it can increase your chance of winning. I felt rewarded and elated when I received the email announcing my honorable mention in the seeingWOMEN 2020 exhibit.

GRACE - GRACIEUX seeingWOMEN Awards 2020

Click the link to see all winners & honorable mentions for all categories on the Photos de Femmes website!

Participants in this Project (Instagram Profiles included):

Model: @faithxfierce

Make Up Artist: @ambreenkhwaja_makeup 

Hairstylist: @thestylist.jamie Location: @technique2training - Technique 2 Training (Brooklyn, NY) Wardrobe Stylist: @rafashionista

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